Supporting port services … and much more.

Our operations focus on quality provision of services for our mother company and its development.

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Service activities

We carry out various auxiliary port transport works for all terminals of Luka Koper.

Utility services

The unit manages with the Centre for waste collection which is located within the port area.

Maritime services

In the port of Koper, we provide mooring and unmooring of ships and other maritime activities.

Truck terminal

The truck terminal is designed for parking trucks during the time needed for the driver to arrange all the required documentation for entering the port area.

Truck terminal prepayment

Save time with the new prepayment service.

Vehicle Booking System

The Vehicle Booking System (VBS) is an online platform of Luka Koper for making truck appointments, checking cargo status and scheduling plans, recording truck entries in the port, reviewing the validity of annual permits for entry into the port, and editing data for organisations booking truck appointments in the Port of Koper.